Showing Cattle

The girls and I have been showing our cattle for the past year. We are new to the game of showing our jersey cattle, so have a bit to learn. It is considered very un-commercial to have show cattle, mainly because many of the show winners wouldn't compete in a normal herd. We're basically taking the better looking stock out of our commercial herd, giving them a bit of a spruce up and taking them along.

It's been great for the girls to be more 'hands on' when it comes to our business. We have 850 cows, have 4 full-time staff, modern machinery and a 70 bale rotary. So it's not easy or at times safe to include them in the day to day running of the farm.

A highlight of the show circuit this year happened on Saturday last, Mr John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand attended his local A&P Show and took time to talk to Celine and Ella. 

I'll try and update this page with more photos and news.

Posted: Monday 10 March 2014

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